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Dear Friends,



Fijian citizen Kala Batibasaga, desperately needs medical treatment on a kidney dialysis machine. His kidneys have failed and it is now necessary for him to have weekly dialysis treatment until a kidney transplant can be done.

Treatment is quite expensive costing $600 a week. For the year, expenses for the dialysis alone will be over $30,000.  We are estimating that with a kidney transplant, Kala’s treatment could cost upwards of $100,000 including transport to Australia, hospitalization and surgery.

Unfortunately, the Fiji health care system does not cover the full cost of dialysis treatment or kidney transplant, so it is only those that can afford to pay that get the procedure. Without dialysis, Kala’s blood will build up with toxins causing his organs to fail and ultimately kill him.

In the last three days, $3,500 has been raised to provide transport from Lautoka Hospital to Suva CWM so he can begin the life-saving dialysis treatment at the Kidney Foundation Center.

What motivates me to help with this fundraising for Kala, beyond his human need, is the realization of how much this special man has done for his fellow Fijians. Kala has given his life to help others.

Kala is Native Title Consultant who worked tirelessly to assist those who sought his assistance, which he provided often without remuneration as those he helped often did not have the resources to pay him. However, this never stopped Kala from endlessly traveling the country, helping people regardless if they could pay or not.

I have felt privileged to watch him at home, most often with people waiting respectfully outside his doors for assistance, or lately around his hospital bed still seeking his sage advice.

Kala's wife Sara

Kala’s wife Sara

However, Kala’s unselfish drive to help others has left him without the necessary funds to help him or his family face this medical financial crises.

I believe that through our communities we can be a part of something wonderful by showing this kind man that we appreciate all that he has done and give back to him in kind.

Please spread the message about this fundraising drive for Kala and help his family raise the funds necessary to provide him with this life-saving medical procedure.

Any donation will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you so very much for your kindness and help.

Phylis Gandy